vamos a la playa

With each new visit to Playa del Carmen, Mexico I fall more and more in love with this tropical destination. The town is built around Quinta Avenida (a very busy 5th Avenue, bustling with shops, restaurants and nightclubs), and every chance I get I discover more and more charming cafes, pretty paths to the beach, and stylish boutiques. I’ve even nailed down a morning routine, complete with my favorite spots for iced coffee and vegan breakfast items. I am quite spoiled, getting to stay at a very beautiful hotel for work (the views are insane!), so I’m sure that has also played a role in my love for this Riviera Maya paradise. Here are a few photos from my trip that you may also see here, here, and here in the coming weeks 🙂

8622_576933322469026_3243681356365547141_n 1916219_576933269135698_8838471516166876019_n 12419165_578349338994091_3360794178906123370_o 12936783_578349195660772_7682480947069185664_n 12933090_578350272327331_4481123504042895390_n 12932573_578349255660766_680603595035332186_n 12923383_576933352469023_317915855881590261_n 12439353_578349315660760_993195728237350283_n 12936783_578349258994099_8790890371689842059_n 12961317_578349728994052_2240024908897734925_o 12961588_578349572327401_1660792461766866600_n 12963594_576933359135689_8457727074908564975_n 12986976_578349352327423_2729078954813609651_n 12983303_578349692327389_2793354052635295614_o 12976769_578349455660746_6459886570613954782_o 12973302_578349425660749_1091510592720689548_o 12968087_578349545660737_8700264022563575733_o 12967421_578349445660747_4685682270296397582_o 12998542_578349498994075_5463407022721632376_n


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