flora farms

 If you ever find yourself in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, make the drive to Flora Farms. This “farm” is without a doubt one of the most magical places I’ve ever visited. Everything from the dessert landscape, to the beautiful green gardens, to the giant sunflowers and colorful sky at sunset, this is a destination in itself. Flora’s Field Kitchen is now officially home to one of my favorite meals I’ve ever had. Most all of the ingredients were grown on site and each dish was inspired by the local flavors of Los Cabos. It was hard to capture such magic on film, but below are a few Candied moments.


One thought on “flora farms

  1. […] flora farms is easily one of my very favorite places on earth. last october i was lucky enough to visit on a business trip, and returning with my boyfriend was a dream come true (this special farm is meant to be shared with someone you love). the only way to really describe it is “magical”. imagine the most bountiful beautiful vegetable and flower farm with an adorable eatery attached, complete with a pizza oven, bread bakery, produce and honey stand, a margarita bar, and really good live music! flora’s menu is seasonally focused, with an emphasize on the amazing offerings their garden has. if you visit cabo, go to flora. better yet if you’re planning a trip, go to flora – and enjoy cabo too! 🙂 […]

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