florida breezin’

I think I have finally thawed out. Ah, it feels so good to have a tan again! Lucky me — I have had the luxury of spending a few weeks at home in Florida (will be back in NYC at the end of March), and have been soaking up all the sun and rest I can. Here are a few Candied moments from my lazy, sunny, breezy, Florida vacation.

[ A gorgeous pool and view on Ocean Blvd. in Palm Beach, Florida ]

[ Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida ]

[ A morning stroll with my best girlfriend completed by sunshine and coffee on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida ]

[ Sea breeze hitting the palm trees on Ocean Blvd ]

[ My first stop in Vero Beach, Florida, Countryside Citrus for one of their last bottles of Tangelo Orange Juice — the best! ]

[ one of the many beach walks I’ve taken this week along Riomar Beach ]

[ Love this print by my friend, Charlotte Anabar ]

[My favorite egg-salad sandwich on seeded toast at Patisserie in Vero Beach, Florida ]

 [ Kitchen views of Riomar’s golf course ]

 [ me and my love, Bambi, getting some sunshine in the backyard ]

[ one of my favorite places to have a drink in VB — Cobalt, at the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, beverage: Moscow Mule ]

 [ a quick peak at Vero’s newest brewery, Orchid Island Brewery, love their Ruby Star beer (made on-site with local ruby red grapefruit) ]

 [ a very needed manicure from Polished on Cardinal Drive ]

[ my favorite dish from the dinner I cooked for my parents on St. Patrick’s Day, hasselback potatoes! ]

 [ the prettiest sunflowers from my love in NYC ]

 [ a girls’ day at Millenia Mall, one last stop — Chanel!! ]

[ one of the two hummingbirds I’ve seen while home in our yard, gathering nectar from our hibiscus — so special and stunningly beautiful! ]


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