citrus cocktails in cold climates

Sometimes, the best way to deal with winter, is to simply pretend you’re somewhere that isn’t in winter.

NYC makes that easy with countless cocktail bars and delicious restaurants that serve up refreshing beverages that help transport you. I like to pretend with each tropical sip I’m headed to somewhere that is sunny and breezy, and smells like coconuts and sunscreen. I’m not into warm cocktails or “winter drinks” like some. However, I LOVE citrus and herbs, so I wanted to share a few cocktails with citrus that help keep me refreshed during the chilly months here in the city.

My favorite drink in NYC! the vodka thyme lemonade at ABC Kitchen. It is perfectly floral and citrus-y. I love its zest and freshness.

I just tried Cosme last night for the first time, and had to order their signature Margarita. It was the perfect blend of tequila and fresh lime, and made me feel like I was on a beach in Mexico.

The Grapefruit Margarita at ABC Cocina is unreal, and was drank on Christmas Day this past year. I love fresh grapefruit, and clearly love citrus in my cocktails. This drink had a little kick, and paired well with all the spicy Mexican dishes we dined on that evening.



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