getting centered in the city

Today was a good day.

I feel like I haven’t taken a moment to pause lately — to breathe, to feel the weight of my body or the security of the ground below my feet. To just not think about anything at all besides the calmness of my breath and how grateful I am for each inhale and exhale. Feeling like I needed some assistance in finding peace – I took a yoga class today at the Twisted Trunk in Soho, and after felt like a new being.

Living in New York City is definitely different from the slow paced Florida I grew up with, coupled with the stress of finding a job, navigating 5 burrows, and learning to live on a very strict budget — things have been seemingly chaotic. But taking the time this morning to participate in a yoga class for an hour and a half really made all the difference in de-cluttering my mind. In fact, it helped me to really re-focus and re-evaluate what’s most important.

After a challenging yet enjoyable session of poses, stretches and deep breaths, we laid in silence during the last 15 minutes of class. My mind was able to completely clear as I focused on my breathing. Slowly, my body and mind connected and I thought of what I’m grateful for; my physical health, my happiness, my amazing family and finally, the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. A tear or two fell down my cheek from the overwhelming feeling of love and peace that filled my heart.

I left the studio feeling grounded, centered and grateful-

and felt stronger and ready to take back on the busy streets of NYC.




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