love & adventure: summer 2014

Where do I even begin? I haven’t blogged in so long!

Well for one, I am currently sitting at the Orlando International Airport awaiting my (delayed) flight to JFK in NYC. Thoughts crossing my mind are reflective (of this summer and my last week at home), excitement (to get back up to NYC, find an apartment for this next year, and see the love of my life tonight in Tribeca!!) and also slight frustration– “How have I not learned by now that afternoon flights to NYC from Florida ALWAYS get delayed??” At least I am in a comfortable seat and with a free wifi connection (something that I really valued during my travels this summer) and can do some writing on Candied-Life :).

The last time I posted I was just coming off the high of graduating University of Miami – completely relieved to have finished four years of college with solid grades and a diploma and was relaxing at home with my family (well deserved r&r that consisted of cooking, sleeping, swimming and playing tennis). My boyfriend Brian and I were about to embark on a long and exciting summer journey. Although my last blog post was only two months ago, it feels like it has been a lifetime!

It must be because in those two months Brian and I traveled from Miami to Manhattan by car – stopping for a night each in Charleston, SC, DC/Georgetown and then finally to Sagaponack, NY for a week of sunshine, beach walks and crisp rose. Our road trip/hamptons stint was then followed by another mini-vacation — enjoying NYC together! -walking, eating, talking and exploring our favorite city (and new home!) as a couple.

After that we packed our bags one more time, grabbed our passports and began our 5 week Euro-trip (the best idea ever). We traveled all over- starting with London and Paris, and then to Italy for Florence, Chianti and Rome. We then spent a week in Greece, and truly experienced an entirely new type of island life in Mykonos and Santorini. Finally our vacation came to a close with a week in Amsterdam.  Each place brought new adventures, flavors, memories and excitement. I’m sure I will post about our travels, and I did take plenty of pictures (because how could I not?). But I must say I don’t think it won’t do what we experienced much justice because in the end it wasn’t really about the food, the views, the swims, the wine or the grapes – the best five weeks of my life were honestly about our love and the moments that will forever be just ours.

So now I’m off to JFK- to my new life and to the start of my biggest adventure yet. I’ve really got a great feeling about this one.


{ drinks at Scarves, in the Rosewood Hotel London}

IMG_0220{ Brian and Ben}


{ one of my favorite views in Paris }


{ Brian and I at the W Paris Opera }


{ my favorite cookie in Paris from Eric Kayser }


{ Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy }


{ Il Salviatino Hotel, Florence, Italy }


{ Il Salviatino Hotel, Florence, Italy }


{ A snapshot from our private cooking lesson at a small vineyard in Chianti, Tuscany }


{ Oia, Santorini, Greece }


{ Sparkling Rose at the Colle Beretto Winery }


{ roses and grapes in Chianti }


{ Mykonos }


{ Greek Iced Coffee in Santorini }


{ our secret sunset spot in Santorini 🙂 }


{ cacio e pepe in Rome }


{ Florence, Italy }


{ Rome, photo credit: Brian 🙂 }


{ our cruise around the canals of Amsterdam }


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