I realized this morning that I haven’t been updating my blog lately, which is something I’ve always tried to keep up with. Purely because I love to journal and remember things happening in my life in a creative (and somewhat public) way. Thinking back on the last couple of weeks, I have had so many delicious meals (homemade and out, having discovered some hidden restaurant gems in Miami), enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets, taken long enjoyable walks and pretty scenic routes, and just honestly overall have had what seems like the best weekends of my life lately — and yet today have just a few photos to show for it. Somehow though, it seems completely fitting. Because I’ve realized that when I’m truly enjoying myself and the company of someone that I love, the strange millennial need to share and remember in a way that others can see goes out the window. All of my focus is on the present, and I really do not want to miss a second of how good it is (even to snap a photo, tweet or update this blog). So now, my hope is to find the balance of sharing and keeping special moments just for myself, and knowing that sometimes the exclusiveness and importance of the second far outweighs the first.



{ my beautiful mother, the queen of politeness & making people feel special; writing a card }


 { a view of fort lauderdale’s beach, at sunset }


{ looking out at miami’s turquoise waters and enjoying my very last spring break }


{ the phone call (& accompanying photograph) about the first of my girlfriend’s to get engaged, wow }


{ a secret spot }


{ lucali miami pizza chat }


{ my very favorite floral scent; a springtime gardenia in bloom }




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