noun: serendipity; plural noun: serendipities 
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


Something cool happened this morning, and sort of made my day. It happens every now and then, or maybe I only recognize it happening sometimes when really its happening all of the time… Regardless serendipitous things fill my heart and make me smile, and this morning while grabbing coffee and a few items from the produce section at whole foods I locked eyes with a vibrant magazine cover. Rarely have I purchased magazines in the last few months because I’ve been on a tighter budget, and have also found a few (free) online journals and blogs that seem to supplement a paper equivalent. However there is something really lovely about flipping the pages of any publication and seeing the pictures in all their vibrancy and (for the foodie reader) deliciousness–especially during the holiday season. In the editorial world though, the holiday season was occurring as early as July–and I (literally) got a taste of that this summer while interning in New York City for a brief, but exciting, couple of weeks. I was staying at a friend’s apartment on Mercer street between Spring and Prince in Soho and going out every single night — and in the day doing internship type tasks for two different women. I’m not really sure how I managed to balance both as well as I did, or why I thought it was ok to often stay out until the sun rose, but either way NYC and I fell in love again and I powered through. It was one of my final days in the city that my former boss called me into the offices and test kitchen of Real Simple magazine to shadow her for a few hours. She purposely had me visit on a “tasting” day and how lucky was I that it would be all the recipes for the December 2013 issue. I remember how the test kitchen smelled — rich waves of cocoa and cinnamon from christmas cakes were swirling around the room while herbs and spices from beautiful roasts warming in the oven perfumed through the halls. In the midst of the chaotic NYC I was experiencing, I felt comforted and at home. Each dessert I tasted was better than the next and the other dishes were satisfying and wholesome. I couldn’t help but feel like I was sitting down at a holiday meal with family as I watched and listened to each intelligent and well-traveled/tasted food editor and chef chew, swallow and comment on what was being tasted. I noted their opinions and tried to consider each flavor profile as they did while I ate my slices and forkfuls. Fast forward to this morning, when I opened the December 2013 issue by chance to the exact page that these recipes made their gorgeous debut. Sometimes serendipity is just what I need to feel like the world is a constant flow of energy that I can either be apart of in a positive ever moving way, or ignore to recognize. This enjoyable moment made me consider other (possible) serendipitous occasions…



Like when you leave the gym last week missing your family, and stumble upon a cute mama duck with all her baby ducklings surrounding her…


or the fairly regular (by chance) occurrence of running into a person you’re thinking about on campus…


or when you’re feeling a little down and a best friend sends you a song with the time 1:13 on it and you play it and it’s exactly what you needed to hear — and then you realize weeks earlier that the band sang those exact words to you live.

or when you visit the doctor about a month ago and for the first time in years you were there for the most innocent of reasons and completely forgot to acknowledge any past problems in your medical history because you hadn’t needed to in so long. Well, maybe that wasn’t serendipity — but it was a happy moment : ) you snapped a picture to remember how grateful and good you felt.



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