arcade fire comes to miami

Last night my friend and I saw Arcade Fire play in Little Haiti Miami. It’s a show that I’ve been wanting to see since I was 12, and I’m so happy to say that I was blown away by their performance. Getting tickets wasn’t easy, but we came across a pair thanks to a local record store that had a reserve collection for in-the-know peeps like ourselves.

Lead singer Win Butler sang every song the crowd wanted to hear– with so much electricity and energy. His voice was deep and haunting, and paired with his wife, Regine’s songbird like sound it was sensational. I had chills the whole time. They also debuted about half of their new album, Reflektor. The band required that every attendee come in full costume, or formal attire. My friend and I dressed as cats (I hate cats, and yet somehow end up being a cat every Halloween–it’s ridiculous) and later agreed that Arcade Fire fans are easily the coolest fans out there, because EVERYONE dressed up–and it was awesome!!

IMG_3222 IMG_3217IMG_3347IMG_3331 IMG_3283 IMG_3300 IMG_3325


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