october 1st

IMG_2141October means it’s nice enough out to lay out in the grass and read. It means everything can now officially be flavored with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. It means that I’ll be traveling. It means there will be a lot of rain, and it will most definitely rain on Halloween (like every year in South Florida). It means I will dress up like a cat. It means I’ll listen to bands like the Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire because it’s nearly sweater weather. It means no leaves will change colors locally, but some trees will bloom pretty flowers and various types of apples from the north will make their way into my kitchen and into pies/my mouth. It means that copious amounts of reeses and other ‘trick-or-treat’ candies need no justification. It means I’ll be baking a lot, and my apartment will feel cozier because of it. It means teachers finally have enough material to test us on, and it means I’ll be blogging at the library instead of studying for their tests.



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