hoot owl hill


lately i find myself daydreaming about camping, sleeping outside and hiking mountains and trails. i used to spend summers at our cabin in north carolina, and would go to sleep to a dazzling starlit sky and awake in the clouds (literally). i would sip morning coffee on our porch in a rocking chair and watch clouds pass by right above our roof. the morning dew made the flowers glitter and hummingbirds would buzz around me sipping from our feeder (or from our lilies) for breakfast. it was so peaceful and calm, and the air there was so pure and sweet– the type that is reenergizing. i would open my window (the one shown above with the lamp light on) and let the sounds of crickets and birds along with the mountain’s cool breeze flow freely in. time didn’t really exist at our cabin. i relied on where the sun was in the sky to know when the next meal was or when i needed to head back home if i were out somewhere. i never knew what day of the week it was and there was zero cell reception. entertainment came in the form of scenic hikes, card games, movies, johnny cash and neil young cds, cooking and baking with local/seasonal ingredients and reading. i loved it when we would first arrive to ‘hoot owl hill’ and the lawn would be completely overgrown from the three seasons that we were home in florida. all of the grass would be tall and beautiful wildflowers colored the yard, and if we were lucky a curious deer family would be awaiting my silent hybrid. i always wonder how long i could last living in such a way…i hope to have a little wooden cabin again someday.

439 IMG_8158 IMG_8166 IMG_8181 IMG_8186 IMG_8197 IMG_8222

cabin girl


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