As I’ve gotten older, the word fear has had different meaning, purpose and size. When I was younger, I would have said I am scared of cockroaches and guns. A few years later I would have said death, or someone in my family dying. When I was 16 I might have said car accidents or for a bit I was really afraid I would crash my car on a bridge. A year later, when I was diagnosed with cancer-the fear of death grew so great that all I knew was fear until I realized the only way to combat that fear was to whole heartedly believe I would be ok. The fear propelled me, made me stronger. In my twenties certain fears seem to linger in the back of my mind, but they are definitely more influenced by society. Outside forces and social circumstances trying to dictate what I can or can’t be hopeful about. Sometimes they get to me…where will I work? What will I do when I graduate? Will I graduate “on time”? Will I meet someone? Or have I already? Does it matter if I do or don’t? Will I be successful? What does that even mean? Usually I can push them aside, or give them thought but not get too down on myself…but I’d say if you asked me what my biggest fear was at this very moment it would be the fear of getting stuck. The idea of not being able to move, explore, adventure, travel and learn is huge fear of mine. So what is a twenty something fearful of getting stuck to do? Well, say yes to every opportunity-social or professional, explore the immediate city/environment, get involved and then leave/book flights as much as possible. Our fears can either propel us to have better, fuller lives or if we allow them too-dictate us in to little boxes. We’re lucky in that I think the choice is ours.



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