things I’m loving lately


summer rain – every day there are afternoon storms…so peaceful and calming. right after lunch when i’m full and cozy sitting on the couch catching up on emails or doing work for my internship it will rain for a couple hours. the sound of the raindrops hitting the window’s glass and the ground outside is comforting and the dogs nap on the couches beside me, lulled too by the drops that fall melodically millions at a time.

peanut butter cups from kilwin’s – they are everything. the perfect ratio of creamy peanut butter to smooth milk chocolate. kilwin’s is the only franchise that i can think of that is on the island side of vero beach, and probably the only one that i will ever support. yummy.

spotify – it is such a good application to have for music lovers. it makes listening to music slightly more social but still in a “i’m still rocking out alone” way. loving youth lagoon, the xx, and millionyoung lately.

my freckles – they are more apparent than ever thanks to all the beach walks and bridge hikes i’ve been doing lately. i love them!

top with cinnamon – amazing food blog written by a 17 year old girl with serious photography skills and gorgeous looking food/recipes.

black and white composition books – there is something so fresh and nice about writing in a black and white old school composition book. they are still dirt cheap to buy and are perfect for jotting down notes, lists, or journalling-which is what i’ve been trying to do this summer.

zoya nail polish in gia – the perfect red.

the gap – my summer go-to’s have been a few basic pieces from the gap paired with big sunglasses and leather sandals. the gap is consistent with classic cuts and the fit is always just right. i’m loving linen shorts, cozy sweaters, and cotton tanks from their summer line. lots of navy, white, and grey.

packing and unpacking – just kidding! i feel like i’ve been living out of suitcases since may, even now that i’m home there are still things that are packed and tomorrow i start packing again for vermont and my week or so in nyc. i do love all of the traveling, just haven’t mastered the art of living light just yet. maybe soon? think i’ll google how to pack right now…


One thought on “things I’m loving lately

  1. Thank you for your suggestion for the blog ‘top with cinnamon’. I love discovering food blogs and now I’ve found two in one day. A great way to spend a few hours at work on a Friday afternoon.

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