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{photos are from google images}

I have to be honest with you, while away in Paris and Italy (the supposed birthplace of this frozen confection) I really didn’t have that outstanding cone of creamy goodness I had been hoping for. I had a cone in Paris at “Amorino”- the gelato shop that shapes their fresh seasonal flavors into a rose, it was good…and made for a beautiful photograph, but was it life changing? No. I asked for petals of tahitian vanilla bean, mango sorbet, and natural yogurt, maybe it was my flavor combo? Either way I wasn’t blown away. There were also a few cones purchased and devoured from Bertillion (the most famous ice cream shop in Paris) – flavors like salted butter caramel and  chocolate noir . Both delicious, but was it that incredible? Not really… Than in Italy! You would think I would have been all OVER that gelato. Italy, where every corner hosts a new rainbow counter filled with waves of freshly churned flavors. To my surprise, I was too busy filling up on the most delicious desserts prepared by the chef on board the boat that I was on that anything on shore became an after thought. But In Capri, we made it a priority and the locals told my friend and I about the go-to haunt. We walked through winding roads lined with shops that sold linen, sandals, and limoncello until we were dizzy and then found the spot (which sadly I can’t remember the name of, pretty sure it started with a C) where I ordered Bacio- chocolate & hazelnuts- and really thought it to be average. The cocoa flavor was lackluster and I forgot that hazelnuts were even apart of this scoop situation.

Low and behold the very best ice cream or gelato I have ever had is Talenti. Better than Ben & Jerry’s, better than Hiagen Daaz, quite possibly better than Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn…and apparently all of France and Italy too. This stuff is absolutely insane. Buy any flavor. Have a pop. Seriously this is THE sweet of the summer to indulge in. I could be wrong, but I read the ingredients on  the back of their Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup pint and saw that they use coconut oil. I believe it is what keeps the pint so creamy and luscious even when taken right out of the freezer. There is no waiting for it to soften, this stuff comes out of the freezer ready to GO. Yum. It is pretty much sold everywhere so you have zero excuse not to try it.


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