If you visit Paris, go to Merci.

I have never enjoyed a lunch more, or an entire shopping experience more. Merci is a concept store located in Le Marais (hands down my favorite part of Paris) and it sells everything from chic housewares to pretty dresses to candles to cologne, and houses two delicious and cozy cafes. One of the cafes, located on the lower level has a view of a courtyard rose garden and a menu that rotates daily. It’s completely seasonal, fresh, and mostly vegetarian. Think light and flavorful salads, quiches, risottos, and refreshing fresh pressed juices (kiwi + cucumber + ginger=a winner).

Oh, and Merci also has the best flour-less chocolate cake I’ve ever had… Rich and dense but light at the same time. Still dreaming about it.
My friend and I originally ordered one to share, but one bite later I was calling our server for a second slice. What?








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