animal collective in paris


On Wednesday evening I saw Animal Collective play at Le Trianon in Paris. Le Trianon is definitely the coolest concert venue I’ve been too, it was very dramatic and old world with red giant white columns outside, red interiors, and a grande wooden staircase (that I managed to fall down, typical). I love this band so much, but knew that their live performance would be weird. To my satisfaction, it was even weirder than I had imagined and the entire audience (besides my friend and I) were tripping out of their minds. No one was dancing but us! Such a riot. Everyone was in this intense melodic trance that they couldn’t snap out of until the song Brothersport came on, and than in unison started jumping up and down, which activated the trampoline-esc wooden floors. Suddenly I was bobbing up and down to What Would I Want Sky with the biggest smile on my face. Although they didn’t play my all time favorites, (My Girls, Taste, and Banshee Beat) it was still a blast.

IMG_6150 IMG_6151 IMG_6174


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