that time i had a cooking show

Wow! I haven’t looked at these videos in years…  I used to host my own cooking show “Lily’s Sugar Shack” that was apart of a show known as Style X that would run in my town of Vero Beach every few weeks. In each segment I would teach viewers how to make something sweet, sometimes healthy and sometimes more indulgent. I loved doing this! Here are a few segments, the very first episode I am just 17,  and had recently finished up my chemotherapy treatments. I believe I was about to enter my senior year of high school, and baking had become my favorite past time. It was completely therapeutic.

I seem more comfortable in the posts that followed 🙂

The Bake Sale episode features a few of my best friends, it is so fun to look back and know how supportive everyone was, so sweet.

 It makes me wonder if I’ll ever do something like this again… They’re so fun to do. Ideally, some type of video that would involve a recipe demonstration in the kitchen and then what inspires me out of the kitchen, whether it is the garden where the produce I use came from or the city that I’m exploring. It is exciting to dream ❤


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