all smiles

lately it seems i’ve been constantly smiling. it could be because of  all the photographic evidence i have to show for it, or that i’ve had a couple of eventful weeks…despite the stress of finals, the final week of my editorial internship, the pressure to move out of my apartment for the summer, the process of packing for paris, and now on top of everything i’ve caught my first cold of the semester (it always comes during finals and has my tonsils the size of golfballs/throat on fire), i’ve managed to participate in some pretty fun events that had me smiling all night…



{ I borrowed a friend’s Valentino jumpsuit for the Black’s Gala Annual Gala in Miami Beach. It was held at the Fontainebleau and was filled with Miami gliteratti, celebrities, and “real housewives”. My favorite part of the evening was FloRida’s live performance. My two girlfriends and I got up on stage and danced with him during a couple of his songs, absolutely hysterical. )20130430-082933.jpg

{ On April 19th, one of my best friend’s invited me to a very special interactive dinner benefiting United Way of Miami. The featured chef was Daniel Boulud, a famous french chef who has multiple restaurants dotted around the globe, various cookbooks, and a beaming personality. My former boss, Sarah, used to work for him, and before I knew it was up on stage cooking with him too! }20130430-082946.jpg




{ This past weekend I went to my first formal with one of my best friends (and roommate of three years). One of her boyfriend’s friends needed a date, and so there we all were, in Ft. Lauderdale at a resort that I’m not sure was fully prepared for the hundreds of college kids in formal attire that were about to take over. It was a fun, but once will be enough. } 20130430-083118.jpg


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