WMC (Winter Music Conference) is going full force in Miami right now, and although every year I surrender to one or two outings, I can’t really handle any more than that. I love going to clubs to dance. The house music that plays has a fun upbeat tempo that is great in that setting and as far as night life energy nothing really beats Liv. Its exciting to see Miami’s glitterati out and about, and spot celebrities from time to time, but by no means is house music something I love or follow. So when WMC rolls around (pun intended) I usually try to book it out of Miami. Last weekend I was in NYC for the kick off of ultra, and this weekend I have found myself completely relaxed on a mini vacation for a family friends birthday with my mom in another part of Florida. The first picture was taken at Story nightclub Wednesday night where Steve Aoki literally threw giant sheet cakes at raving fans, need I say more… 🙂




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