on my mind

why do girls pretend to be cats? i am not talking about halloween… i mean on an every day basis. saying things like meow, rawr, purrr, and putting on cat ears and whiskers just because, does anyone have an answer to this feline phenomenon?

the strokes! my favorite band of all time. the band that comforts me, lulls me to sleep, wakes me up, gets me excited, saddens me, elates me, makes me fall in love with julian casablancas over and over… all of the above. their newest album is streaming online before it’s released and i have to say i’m pretty into it. please please PLEASE tour this summer. hearing automatic stop live, or any of their songs for that matter, would be a dream come true.

instagram, i have it back. i’m a hypocrite, and i caved ugh. i enjoy sharing pretty moments, and looking at what others are doing, but this time around i feel like i have a better handle on things…we’ll see.

how good does warm laundry feel? warm clean laundry right out of the dryer? the faint smell of lavender that my detergent has gets me every time. warm sheets and towels are on another level.

interning at ocean drive has been such a great experience. i wish it were longer than just a semester!

paris is only a few months away… what in the world? is it really happening so soon? my french 101 class is going terribly, but i really blame the 8 am time slot that it’s in and the quickness of my professor’s pace. i may look into tutoring. i am so excited to study abroad! i really had written it off and then an advisor gave me hope and the rest is history. i’m just one health clearance form away from being 100% on board.

this past weekend i went to NYC (post to follow at somepoint) and for almost an hour i watched the snow fall in silence from 19 stories up in my friend’s apartment. i sat on her couch, and in the warmth and coziness of a big down blanket i stared in awe at how beautiful and lovely snow falling is. i really hadn’t seen snow since i was 14, and to watch it the other day made me realize how heaven like and dreamy it is. i couldn’t take my eyes off of that window, and when i finally had to leave it i had gained a new appreciation for winter, and the cold weather new yorkers endure. i guess it’s worth it?


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