break for victory


{ Today on my lunch break at work I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a community garden in Sobe, the South Beach Victory Garden. Just a flew blocks away from where I work, and nearly next door to Story nightclub and Big Pink, there is an organic garden with at least 20 raised beds, all flourishing with vibrant shades of green. I would have never guessed this spot to be so sustainable, ecological, responsible, and naturally lovely,  for it is located in what is seemingly an area meant for party goers and beach tourists. I walked around each individual garden, observed what tomatoes had ripened and what kale had grown tall. The sun beat down on my face and the cool air felt nice and I stood there admiring and breathing it all in until I realized I needed to head back to work. I’ll be visiting again soon :). }IMG_2723 IMG_2725 IMG_2721 IMG_2726 IMG_2736{ my usual order, the mental lentil wrap from choices cafe in brickell. vegan, organic, and gluten free. yum yum yum!  }


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