what a week

{ February 18th-25th was one of, or maybe the craziest coolest week of my life. To begin, I somehow managed to celebrate my birthday three different nights… First at STK, where I blew out a torch on top of fried oreos and took hot pink shots that were also on fire, received more surprises at SL nightclub and have removed photos that have since surfaced (lol), enjoyed dinner the following night at Gigi’s in midtown with 11 friends and blew out a candle on the most delicious warmed up blondie accompanied by their signature miniature ice cream cones, after we moved over to Bardot where I played the bongos and laughed until morning. On Friday myself and three girlfriends ate a great meal at Sugarcane and shared the best bread pudding for dessert while they all sang to me, again. We then danced behind my favorite DJ, Calvin Harris, while he performed at Story. After the birthday celebrations came to a close which at the point was sort of a relief, I got to see in print that I had been published for the very first time in the March issue of Ocean Drive magazine, which was and still is an insane feeling, the word proud comes to mind. On Monday, I ended the week interviewing famous sports celebrities at the Make-a-Wish Ultimate Sports Auction Event. Every time I do something for Make-A-Wish it is so gratifying and heart warming, and this night was no different. I got to catch up with a boy who’s wish had just been granted by Ray Allen, and it really brought me back to how I felt when I was granted mine, and for a minute I couldn’t help but cry. I had the best birthday ever and then the most exciting and rewarding experiences followed! To contrast how incredible it was, the week that has followed is known as “hell week” and I’m completely swamped and overwhelmed by the amount of school work that is due. But for just a minute on my study break…I will reflect :).












Oh! And I booked my flight to Paris for my summer abroad program, hooray! 🙂


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