ice box(es)



Last night I had the best take out meal from the Ice Box cafe on Lincoln Road in Miami beach. I’ve gone there for years, mostly for their ice cream cake slices and other non traditional desserts, but last night I opted for a sweet free vegetarian and gluten free feast.

I couldn’t decide on a normal entrée (they have quite a few vegetarian selections) so instead ordered a bunch of sides to create my own special plate at home.

-Asian quinoa (a mixture of Asian vegetables and quinoa with some sort of amazing soy sauce type dressing)
-Swiss and rainbow chard, sautéed in olive oil and garlic
-Roasted brussels sprouts, recently my favorite type of vegetable
-Curried roasted cauliflower, maybe the best I’ve ever had.

They also gave me a couple small containers of their peanut sauce to use on everything, and it rounded out the dish perfectly.

Awesome meal! And plenty of leftovers, just had the rest for lunch :).



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