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I started this blog as if it were a journal and have basically kept it that way since it’s cyber birth. I follow a lot of blogs and find a few of them really interesting, and therefor wanted to start my own. Whether they are strictly recipes or maybe fashion or lifestyle, I think blogs can be great reads and more convenient than a newspaper or magazine. It allows me to write about what I want, record events and reflect on them (big and small), share recipes, photographs and stories, and sometimes recommend a few good tunes. Candied-Life provides me with the happy medium of sharing my thoughts and bits of my life in a way that works for me. I post what I want when I want with no expectation of readers, followers, or comments because to me it’s just my creative outlet for writing. I do hope whoever reads this enjoys what they are reading/seeing, and I only want to improve my writing and consistency within my posts for my own personal growth. I don’t know what the future holds as far as the evolution of Candied-Life but for now enjoy 🙂 and thank you for reading.



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