do you know when you’re just in the flow? all of your stars align and for a few moments or minutes everything is just flowing and feeling good? you’re in your car, it’s just been cleaned and looks kind of new again, and it’s sunny out and the AC is hitting your face and arms, but the sun is beating down so there is that perfect mixture or warm and cool, and your favorite song is on and you turn it up because you’re so happy it’s playing and its sounds and base are so familiar and lovely, you even know the lyrics, and a bird soars by and a line of palm trees are to your left, and above them is the bluest clearest October sky, and you look in the mirror and smile and feel good about how you look today and you even think wow, beautiful/handsome! you’ve forgotten about your phone and outside forces/people/anxieties/work/stress/relationships and your focused solely on how good you feel in your environment in this moment without even realizing it. your mind has been cleared and it’s totally fine. you feel the beat in your bones and it transports you. happy and in the flow.


2 thoughts on “flow

  1. I just read this to my entire office and everyone is crying!!! Kay says your amazing, Jeanine loves you and Jackie just got transported!!!

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