grown up?


{ this morning i went on my usual bike ride but decided to take the “long way home” to literally visit my childhood homes. i’ve lived in three homes now (with my parents, i’ve lived in other places on my own) and the first home i went to was the place i lived in from the third grade until my freshman year of college. the second was where i was brought home from the hospital, and learned everything from walking (i learned in the sand at the beach), to body surfing, to bike riding, to abc’s, kindness, and sharing. here is a telling and good peak into my childhood, my dad’s one rule for my sister and i was to “have fun” and “get lost”. if i have children, that will be their rule. i got off my bike to find these handprints still in the driveway that we paved. growing up is so interesting. when exactly do we “grow up”? is it when we understand the significant change between then and now? or when we leave home? or when we get a “real world” job? or start paying all of our own bills? well none of those have truly happened yet, and i still consider home my mom’s house. so… i’m not sure that i’m a grown up yet. or, is the idea of growing up just merely that, and in fact we are always growing until the very moment we’re done physically being here. regardless, the thoughts that i had when i put my hand in the wet concrete were so simple. and my sister’s hands, only a little bit bigger than mine, were to the right. i pictured our miniature selves so excited to be making our mark at our home. and then running off to either a fort we had built or to the beach to roll around in the shoreline, with no worry in the world, and no responsibility. i remember wondering what i would look like when i got older. i pictured a tall girl with freckles and blonde hair, i was right. some things have obviously changed, but the core of my thinking is relatively the same. i love to wander, and take the long way home. }




2 thoughts on “grown up?

  1. Lily I’m with David and just read your blog out loud and started crying!! You are so beautiful inside and out!!!

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