l&l pause

{ pausing for a moment before the final part of my summer internship story to show off some jewelry. a couple of weeks ago i met up with my very stylish and sweet friend alexis corry. i’ve known lexi since high school, and was so happy to learn that she was living in new york city, also following her dreams. we met at eataly for lunch one sunday and she asked if i would be interested in modeling some of her jewelry line for her online store. lexi’s company, Lex and Lynne, is doing really well and finding it’s way into boutiques all across the USA! i’m so proud of her, and so happy to call her my friend. she is very hard working, and someone that i look up to! go lexi go! }


the Wanderlust Bracelets and Black Wanderlust Bracelet are composed of various multi-color, size, and texture horn beads collected from India, further adorned with Lex & Lynne’s signature Copper charm. discover the unique design of each hand-crafted bead through their exceptional swirls of black, white, and brown hues.

the Wanderlust Bracelets are limited-time-only and are available in medium or large



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