it all started with a wish, part 2.

{ Taken a few hours after I had met Sarah for our date in NYC, March 2012 }

I’m sure you can imagine the excitement I felt after having read the entire email, start to finish 5 times, and then again to both my parents and sister on the phone, that I was now apart of Sarah’s official testing team. Over the next few weeks I was balancing school,  hostessing nights at the Forge in Miami Beach (easily home of the best desserts on the beach), trying to maintain a Miami social butterfly status (I’m 21 after all), and cross testing Sarah’s latest recipes for her newest and soon to be published cookbook, Mostly Vegetarian. She had only given me a couple here and there, but I have a feeling it was more to cross test my work and ability, rather than her yummy plant based meals. Either way, I was 100% happy to dive in to this culinary adventure. After I sent her an email of my feedback on a dish with quite a few comments and track changes, I received the greatest email yet. It was the one that read, “You’re hired.”

Over the next two months I tried to do my best in school, even though my head was completely in the clouds. How could it not be? There was no room in my brain at that point to focus on silly college classes (obviously I completely regret my thinking and my grades suffered because of it). I was too busy day dreaming about the internship I had just landed, my first NYC apartment, what my days with Sarah would be like, and all of the delicious food we would create. I somehow miraculously passed my classes, but sadly had to say goodbye to my job at the Forge. During that semester, I also lost my grandmother, my dog of 14 years, joined and dropped a sorority, and ended a toxic friendship. I was relieved it was finally coming to a close, and was very much ready for a new start. Only good things ahead!

{ Where I often escaped to on my weekends in Miami Beach, The Raleigh Pool. For sunshine, deep breathing, and day dreams, April 2012. }

The semester ended, I moved out of my college apartment for the summer, and back into my happy home in Vero Beach, FL. I had a week of laziness, bridge walks, bike rides, beach days, sleeping in, home cooking, catching up with my best friends, and playing with my puppy, Bambi, before it was time to head north. I packed up two borderline overweight suitcases and boarded the same flight from PBI to JFK as I had years before with my mom for my wish, except this time, our trip would be much different. She was settling her  now healthy 21 year old daughter into her first manhattan apartment. Only so that she could leave a couple of days later and let her embark on this fairytale foodie adventure alone.

{ My apartment, May 2012-August 2012. }

To be continued, in part 3!


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