pulino’s pizza

{ sunday night my girlfriends and i ventured to pulino’s in nolita. we shared a bottle of the best pinot grigio i’ve ever tasted (i wrote down the info, that good) and then shared the anti pasti platter, the fresh burrata with cherry tomatoes and grilled bread, the quatro fromaggio pizza with mushrooms, and a classic margarita pie. the pizza was so light and delicious that every piece was eaten and no one was too full to function. we toasted to our age, our lives, and our relationships. we all agreed that weekends together in nyc will have to happen more often :). after pulino’s we went to sl & the electric room for music and dancing. such a fun weekend!! now back to work, packing up my apartment, last minute shopping and shipping, eating from my foodie list that is still strikingly large, and finishing up the best internship this girl could have dreamed of. }20120730-114616.jpg


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