finally, lula’s

{ for three years, i have been meaning to go to lula’s sweet apothecary. my curiosity began at the natural gourmet institute when i attended a week long vegan baking boot camp, and heard fellow classmates raving about how ridiculously good this old fashioned (all vegan & natural) ice cream parlor in the east village was. today i finally got to experience what my classmates had, this sweet spot was pure magic & everything i had dreamt it to be, & more. }


{ i knew from the moment i walked in that i was going to indulge in this entirely vegan (mostly cashew milk based) menu. with flavors such as butterscotch, espresso, & cake batter, and options like warmed brownies a la mode topped with graham cracker crumbs, or marshmallow cream & caramel, how could i not? }


{ my sister ordered a small dish of their mint chip, our friend ordered a peanut butter chip cone, & i took one for the team and ordered a brownie sundae topped with cookies and cream (my favorite) and peanut butter chip ice creams, hot fudge, and their homemade coconut milk whipped cream. oh, and crushed cream filled cookies…sorry i’m not sorry. }


{ lula’s was the perfect after dinner treat. the parlor itself is adorable ,and plays snazzy jazzy music. the ice cream creations are served in old fashioned glass dishes or glasses with heavy silver spoons. we enjoyed our treats at a high bar counter with a lovely east village street view.  }


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