independence day

{ this independence day i felt very independent. i had a few moments throughout the day where i thought to myself, am i really living in new york city? on my own? doing exactly what i want to be doing? i hopped around, between roof top parties, terraces, bakery windows, and the dream hotel downtown. it was a fabulous fourth of july, i love this beautiful free country. cheers to america! }


{ festive rainbow straws in tribeca }


{ the most american beverage i can think of with a view of the freedom tower }


{ a fourth of july cake at empire cake in chelsea }


{ terrace view @ phd dream downtown’s sunset party }


{ an unbelievable show above the hudson that prompted my independent epiphany. american girl by tom petty was blasting and every party goer sang along. }


2 thoughts on “independence day

  1. Sounds like a bang-up good time on July 4. You must have many friends there. Were the fireworks Macy’s? We watched the Macy fireworks last night. Fantastic. hugs

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