relationship status: deactivated

{ today I deactivated my facebook account for a few different reasons… one being that facebook sort of brings out the narcissistic & public nature of my generation (including myself!). also, i think it’s time to start browsing the actual US/world news feed, slightly more important then reading statuses about miami zombies and first world problems. i’d rather not have my entire life since the 9th grade pop up on folks’ news feeds I barely know, you know?  yes, this blog follows my life in a lot of ways, but I feel like it’s a bit more playful, artistic, and is only available to those who seek it out. (and majority of the time, it’s food porn 😉 }


{ a facebook mirror pic on steroids }


One thought on “relationship status: deactivated

  1. cute dress! disappointed theres no fb anymore because now you can edit all my comments. keep up the food porn revolution

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