pure food fail

like any other experimental and excited foodie, pure food and wine was at the top of my “try” list. a friend and I finally experienced the raw/vegan menu a few evenings ago… I am being honest when I say the best thing about our dinner was getting to catch up and talk like girls do.


now I am all about healthy eating and vegetarian dishes. I dabble in and out of vegan and raw diets all of the time. I love to try new places and see how creative chefs can get with a plant based menu. even in Miami I have had some truly great raw meals and some pretty incredible raw chocolate ice cream. but
my dish at pure food and wine truly fell flat, and my friend’s meal was an absolute joke. it was actually such a funny joke that we both laughed our way out of the outdoor seating and to a nearby deli for paninis.

in all fairness, the presentation was spectacular. beautiful colors and styling. but with each bite i was more and more disappointed. my dish was supposed to be “tacos”. which ended up basically being chopped up flavorless raw squash, a couple of hearts of palm, and mushrooms rolled in some sort of strange wrap. I wanted to like it, I really did!!

my friend’s dish was supposed to be “pear ravioli”. we were both so excited to try this! the plate came out and literally was pear cut on a mandolin and sprinkled with almonds. $19 for thinly sliced pear…not ok. as girls do, we both tried to be polite and pretended to enjoy our first couple of bites. finally one of us said this is awful and we high tailed it to bread and cheese greatness.


herbed foccacia panini with mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, basil, and pesto spread…maybe not as healthy or fancy, but filling, flavorful, and about half the price of the sliced pear.


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