oh sweet anna

{ when you’re thrown into a work related project with no prior experience and no real culinary background (other than a week long vegan baking boot camp), how do you stay afloat in a kitchen that needs to turn out beautiful, perfect, and styled dishes hourly to be photographed for a potentially epic mostly vegetarian cookbook? an angel on earth named anna saves your butt countless times and shares her skills and tips with you. she giggles at your kitchen blunders and encourages you when you’re feeling discouraged. she cuts your tomato the right way, so you can copy her cut. she throws you a dry dish rag when you try to take out a baking pan from the oven with a wet one, so you don’t burn yourself, again. her southern charm rubs off on you and you find your country accent surfacing too. and then, after a week of working together, a bond has formed, and you share a blanket on the grass outside drinking sparkling rose and cheers-ing to a job well done. }

thank you Anna, for everything.


2 thoughts on “oh sweet anna

  1. Sweet Anna seems to be a must in the kitchen. What a nice little story. Sounds like the world of baking gets better and better,
    particulary if Anna is around.

    1. so glad you enjoyed this post. i couldn’t have survived the week without her. i’m calling you tomorrow to chat 🙂 xo!

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