old hurley

{ for the past week i’ve been working and staying in hurley, ny. a town so small you can walk the whole of it in under half an hour. beautiful, quite, quaint, calm, and just perfect for a natural and mostly vegetarian cookbook photo shoot. the last few days have sped by, and i’m trying my hardest to absorb every minute of it. thanks to a food styling assistant with a heart of gold (the domestic gourmet) and a boss that inspires with every word, i’ve learned how to cook and prep just about every vegetable under the sun, what makes a beautiful dish and the importance and technicality of food styling, and how to work fast and efficiently in a kitchen, something that is as demanding and difficult as it is exciting. }

{ my lovely boss, sarah, styling a dish for the food photographer to shoot in her beautiful old barn }

disclaimer: the food and dishes prepared on set are being photographed and printed in sarah’s cookbook, therefor i can’t post from the set itself!  you’ll just have to check out sarah’s blog for updates 🙂


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