The Forge S’mores Souffle

The Forge Restaurant and Winebar is easily the oldest, and the most famous restaurant in Miami Beach. The food is always delicious, creative, and seasonal, and skillfully prepared by the very talented and accomplished Chef Dewey Losasso.

Dinner will always be a treat at the Forge. But if you are looking for something sweet, and special, fast forward to the soufflés. The Forge dessert menu is one of a kind, and always changing. The soufflés on the other hand, have been around for a long time. There are seven flavors to choose from, but there is one that rises above all others (pun intended). Choose s’mores, you won’t be sorry. It is everything you could want in a dessert. It will arrive at your table warm, perfuming rich cocoa, vanilla, and graham. With a dish of melted belgium chocolate on one side, and a dish of toasted marshmallow cream on the other, the server will poke a whole through its graham cracker crusted center and slowly drizzle in the heavenly chocolate sauce. Marshmallow is also added, and then you’re allowed to take your first bite. Warm, gooey, airy yet dense, this dessert is one I often dream about.


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