candied-life winter survival guide

So winter is (hopefully!) coming to a close soon, and I have definitely learned a thing or two over the last few months about what it’s like to live in a cold climate city. As I’ve mentioned before, this is the first time I’ve lived in a place with freezing temperatures (spent 23 years in sunny Florida!), and I can see now that my body (and mind) weren’t fully prepared last Fall for what was to come.

Wanting to share some tips from my own experience, and help any Florida girls with plans to move up north – I have come up with this brief guide below to surviving winter, Candied-Life style.

Every day (I mean it, every single day!) I have an orange juice from Juice Generation. I am lucky to have one close by my apartment, and am guilty of frequenting it sometimes more than once in the same day — simply because of how delicious and fresh their juices and smoothies are. I honestly think all the Vitamin C I’ve been drinking has kept any seasonal colds away. Craving a second juice now…

Hunter boots! They are a huge part of surviving winter! Not only are they great for rain (and stylish), but they are incredibly effective when the snow gets melt-y and sludge-y on the streets. I must say, it is sort of empowering to walk through deep puddles off half frozen black snow, and step away unscathed.

soul 2

Winter Blues are a thing! It took me a while to recognize it, but I am positive that the weather has effected my mood and well-being this winter. Luckily, there are ways to fight the crummy feeling. I have found that exercising REALLY helps. Finding a class or gym you love is essential to surviving winter, because if you’re like me, you need to stay active in order to feel your best, no matter the season. It’s hard to get outside  and go for a long walk or jog when it’s icy cold, so finding an indoor activity that can get you sweating is key. I’ve never regretted working out, not once.

soul 1

 Soul Cycle – I’m addicted! I am lucky to have a studio two blocks away, and do my best to get in a class once or twice a week. I love everything about this spinning experience, from the encouraging instructors to the music, to how great I feel when I walk out drenched. It’s my favorite way to survive winter.

I’ve also learned to enjoy the coziness of my apartment, and the nights spent in staying warm have been perfect for catching up on movies, or creating special home-cooked meals. Or, baking M&M cookies! My favorite. Warm cookies are essential to surviving winter.

Finally, leaving for a weekend here and there really helps to combat the cold! Obviously this is harder to accomplish, but boy does it help with resolving any winter blues. Playing tennis, in the sun, with an option to jump into the ocean after — why can’t all parts of the US offer this in February?? :)

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The last two months have been quite a whirlwind.

A minor lower back injury started the year off a bit rocky, and although I haven’t healed completely just yet, I’m on my way to being back to normal.

It’s been brutally cold! I mean, REALLY cold in NYC. I grew up in a very tropical, sunny climate, and have never lived in a place with winter until this year. It’s been quite an adjustment, and I’m not sure that I will ever fully enjoy it – but it’s almost over! Feels pretty neat to have survived, and on the days it snows, it can be very quieting and beautiful. However, the freezing sideways sleet rain, that, I can do without.

February brought many birthday celebrations! And a trip home to Florida, to spend it with my best friends and family. Visiting Vero was much needed, and the sunshine helped revitalize before returning to the frozen city. It was great to have a little break from all the stresses and cold, and soooo nice to spend time with best girlfriends. I also got to celebrate in NYC with my friends up here, and the Hamptons too, with my boyfriend and his family. So much birthday! Even a little celebratory trip to my favorite vineyard snuck its way in.

Work definitely picked up, and many hours outside of work were spent working. Some nights and mornings I felt very, very down, and a bit confused if I was in the right industry. But, some big changes are on the horizon, and I will be sure to update the blog when those are finalized. :)

Today is March 1st, and I’m deciding it’s time for a little alteration in my perception. I am looking forward to these next few weeks, and all the positive changes ahead. I know that good things are a comin’ (Spring, sunshine, and flowers!), and the creative juices are finally flowin again. I have a few projects in mind, that I will likely share on here, and others that may take some more time to figure out. Looking forward to seeing the seasons change once again, and wondering around the city that never sleeps without a big ole puffy coat. March, I’m coming for ya!

See below for a few Candied moments between January and February

One Year Anniversary painting with my love

Absorbing every possible second in the sun while in Florida

My three best girlfriends celebrating my 24th together in our hometown

A Candied-Life inspired birthday cake, “to a girl who is going places” :)

the one picture I have from celebrating my birthday in NYC, at Gemma in the Bowery Hotel, yummy molten chocolate cake followed by drinks with friends at the bar

my absolute favorite glass of wine in Sagaponack, NY, Wolffer Vineyards blanketed in snow

The fourth and final birthday cake! At Dylan Prime in Tribeca last night

my handsome prince charming and I, tan and healthy again from all that needed sunshine

girl talk and beach walking with my best girlfriend

favorite breakfast in NYC – Ess-a-Bagel

favorite place to grab a lazy late weekend brunch, Babette’s in East Hampton

my first hockey game, front row cheering on the Rangers

a pause in a busy morning to capture the pretty new snow on old stoops in the Upper East Side

keeping warm and celebrating a girlfriends February birthday at Chalk Point Kitchen and The Handy Bar in Soho

a fabulous weekend brunch with a friend at Lafayette, pommes frites were a must

 My bed in Vero adorned by Sassy Boutique gifts from my mom, I forgot birthdays meant presents!

waking up to a cookie cake delivered at midnight to celebrate 24 by the most thoughtful guy I know

smiling through the crazy cold and inhaling some beautiful morning light before heading to work

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New Year’s Resolution Cookies

Been a while since I’ve posted anything — but wanted to share this new cooking video I created during a recent visit to Florida. Enjoy these easy recipe for Resolution Cookies – delicious and healthy cookies to start out the new year right!

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December 14, 2014 · 6:43 pm

NYC living


So… I’m a New Yorker! I’ve decided that this is official because I have an apartment that gets my mail sent to it with my Manhattan address on it, I ride the subway twice a day (sometimes more), I am employed! and work in Chelsea at a restaurant and hospitality marketing agency (Bullfrog + Baum), and finally I feel like I am settled and that this is home. I have a grocery store that I frequent, restaurants that I love and recommend, parks and paths that I enjoy and a coffee shop that knows my order by heart. I even bought a winter coat (or three), a scarf and winter boots! I am fully embracing the recent changing of seasons, and truly loving it. I never doubted that I would, but it feels great to finally be living it. IMG_1915.JPG

Cookies from the New York City Wine and Food Festival


Celebratory roses for my first week of work at my new job :) thank you Bri.


The 24th Annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria


Nutella Bread Pudding by Nutella USA, New York City Food and Wine Festival


At Von Bar in the East Village with my three best girlfriends who visited from Florida.

IMG_1995.JPGDelicious perks of working in a very food focused office :) at Bullfrog + Baum.

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