summer escapees 


I can’t believe I’m leaving for Greece tomorrow. My boyfriend and I are lucky enough to be going back one year later from when this picture was taken. We will be visiting various islands in Greece, and then jumping over to Positano, Italy for four nights. Can’t wait to soak up the sun and swim in the Aegean Sea once again.

west village wanderer 

 Whenever I walk around the West Village, it helps me to fall back in love with New York City. Not that I’m every true out of love, but I think between all the chaos of my morning commute, the millions of people buzzing around, the skyscrapers, the concrete etc. I forget that there are some truly charming, beautiful areas of Manhattan. I want to walk down every single street in the West Village, to study all of the old brownstones, with vines crawling up, dotted with beautiful flower boxes. I want to mosey into every boutique, wander every garden, and browse every bookstore… I even want to buy cool hats like the one pictured below (Goorin Bros).