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New Year’s Resolution Cookies

Been a while since I’ve posted anything — but wanted to share this new cooking video I created during a recent visit to Florida. Enjoy these easy recipe for Resolution Cookies – delicious and healthy cookies to start out the new year right!

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December 14, 2014 · 6:43 pm

NYC living


So… I’m a New Yorker! I’ve decided that this is official because I have an apartment that gets my mail sent to it with my Manhattan address on it, I ride the subway twice a day (sometimes more), I am employed! and work in Chelsea at a restaurant and hospitality marketing agency (Bullfrog + Baum), and finally I feel like I am settled and that this is home. I have a grocery store that I frequent, restaurants that I love and recommend, parks and paths that I enjoy and a coffee shop that knows my order by heart. I even bought a winter coat (or three), a scarf and winter boots! I am fully embracing the recent changing of seasons, and truly loving it. I never doubted that I would, but it feels great to finally be living it. IMG_1915.JPG

Cookies from the New York City Wine and Food Festival


Celebratory roses for my first week of work at my new job :) thank you Bri.


The 24th Annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria


Nutella Bread Pudding by Nutella USA, New York City Food and Wine Festival


At Von Bar in the East Village with my three best girlfriends who visited from Florida.

IMG_1995.JPGDelicious perks of working in a very food focused office :) at Bullfrog + Baum.

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One Pot Pasta


Last night my boyfriend, Brian, and I made Martha Stewart’s One Pot Pasta. I had heard about this seemingly too easy to be true recipe months ago, and yesterday we finally gave it a try. To our surprise, it was as easy as it seemed on the MS website — and it was delicious! For whatever reason I decided to be heavy handed with the red pepper flakes… so there was a bit of kick! But we both agreed that it is definitely worth making again and we may try some new variations in the future.


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wolffer estate vineyard

A glass of wine during sunset at Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagponack, NY might be one of the most beautiful glasses of wine you’ll ever drink. I think it has become my favorite vineyard to visit, and certainly one of my top places to spend the beginning of an evening while out in the Hamptons. I recommend visiting at this time of year (September/October), right before their annual grape harvest– to catch a glimpse of all the rows naturally decorated with beautiful dark purple and golden grapes.

I love their Chardonnay (fruity, crisp & mineral driven) or a glass of their famous summer Rosé (the best! but available only during the summer months).





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Milk Pail Farms

Over the weekend my boyfriend, Brian, and I ventured to Milk Pail Farms to enjoy a traditional fall activity we both hadn’t yet experienced. Local orchards and patches are fruitful and loaded with apples and pumpkins in New York right now, and we decided to take advantage by picking our own Saturday morning. Milk Pail Farms is located in Watermill, a small town near Bridgehampton in the Hamptons. What we saw at Milk Pail amazed us! Thousands of the most perfect and beautiful tree ripened red apples glittered the trees and hundreds of pumpkins all shapes and sizes nestled in twirling vines colored the grounds. We settled on the cutest “cheese” pumpkin I’ver seen, after learning it was the most popular pumpkin variety to eat :).







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