bonito dia!

A few weeks ago I was asked to fly to Playa del Carmen (with only one day’s notice) to capture content for the hotel group I work for. Although the trip came as a very last minute surprise, it was beautiful, warm, and a nice break from the concrete jungle!

I visited some of my favorite local spots that I discovered during my last trip to Playa, and was greeted by my “family” at the hotel. It was 48 hours of hard work, mixed with a little bit of exploring and a lot of fresh fruit smoothie drinking :)

{ a visit to my favorite vegan cafe – la senda – for my smoothie of choice: mango, orange juice, banana, and pineapple }  { a beautiful day along playa del carmen’s 5th avenue }  { coffee for 1 }
{ beautiful hand-painted tiles in a local boutique }{ visiting and shooting the hotel’s newest beach front addition }
{ hello! }  { my favorite lunch! tofu scramble tacos on warm corn tortillas topped with avocado and salsa }


Who knew a blizzard could be so relaxing? I guess my idea of a blizzard has always been a bit scary and inconvenient, however Jonas proved that a heavy snowstorm could be pretty awesome. My boyfriend and I experienced total relaxation, peace and quiet, and ate lots and lots of cookies, homemade meals, and watched a ton of movies. If all blizzards were like this past weekend, I am happy to welcome a few more this winter. 

holiday sweets at home

 Some of my favorite treats from this past holiday season spent at home in Vero Beach, Florida { homemade vegan chewy ginger molasses cookies }
  { christmas cake created by frostings vero beach }  { ginger cookies in the making, my favorite! }
  { tarte aux pommes, a christmas day favorite and incredible easy to make! }  { cookies on cookies }
  { tarte in the making, a heavy sprinkling of sugar is key } { greeting the new year with my best friend, cheersing our cookies }

a wintery weekend on the west coast

A few weeks ago, work brought me out to San Francisco, and my boyfriend and I decided to extend the trip and turn it into a long weekend exploring Wine Country. A close friend of mine has a home in Tiburon where we stayed, and spent our days enjoying vineyards in Napa, Sonoma, and Forestville, California. Soaking up all of the beautiful weather in San Francisco.
 Our view of the Bay Bridge from our hotel room.   Bay Bridge + blue skies
  A warm Californian welcome.  Local walnuts to kick off our first wine tasting at Scribe Winery in Sonoma.
  Tasting nibbles at Scribe Winery – we loved the clementines and chardonnay.Our favorite pizza in California! Del Popolo.
Pizza Margarita at Del Popolo.    Wine barrels at Scribe Winery.
   The last leaves.    Holiday lunch at Farmstead in Napa.
  Kistler Vineyards in Forestville, CA.Menu + tasting notes.  The oldest wine caves in Napa – Beringer Vineyards.
  The different soils of Kistler Vineyards. The light soil has lime stone, which makes their Chardonnay have a chalkier taste.   Tasting all of my favorite wines! Kistler whites.    Hall Winery at Rutherford: The Chandelier Tasting Room
  Toasting to Forestville.  Incredible weather on Day 2 of vineyard exploration.